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Welcome to Exotic-Nepal.Com, your free ticket to discover Nepal online. Exotic-Nepal.Com is a self funded web oriented organization. Established on 14 August 2002, Exotic-Nepal.Com strives to offer visitors quality information about Nepal and various places within it. Listings of various hotels, tour operators, travel information, interesting places to see in Nepal can be found in this site. Browse through our web site to know everything you want to about the "Land of The Himalayas", Nepal.

Featured City - Lalitpur
 Lalitpur, the second biggest city in the valley is richer than Kathmandu in art and architectureJust across the holy Bagmati river stands another ancient city called Lalitpur. A twenty-minute cab ride from Kathmandu city, Lalitpur is a charming city which has still retained its tranquil ambience. Walking down the quiet, narrow streets of the city, you would come across traditional building, exquisite temples and tiny shops of artists, metalworkers, wood workers and stonecutters. The city is indeed renowned for its fine craftmanship.

Lalitpur, which means city of beauty (Lalit = Beauty, Pur = City in Nepali language) is also known as Patan to the locals. Lalitpur has a long Buddhist history and has stupas at its four corners. Like Kathmandu Durbar (Palace) Square, Lalitpur Durbar Square is also packed with temples. Most of these temples were built during the glorious period of the Malla kings in which art and architecture in the valley developed to its maximum .

As in Kathmandu, Lalitpur also has an old royal palace built during the Malla kings period. Most of the temples here are built in Newari architecture. The rectangular Durbar Square has an axis from north, south, east and west to the Royal Palace. Malla kings who used to rule over Lalitpur in the ancient times used to love art and architecture. To fulfill their wishes, many buildings having excellent arts such as wood carving, stone carving etc. were made. These buildings, which were created by skilled Nepali architects have stood firmly for centuries defying all the barriers of nature.
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Travel Information of Nepal
Location, travel procedures, entry points, custom duties, transportation arrangements, facilities, airports etc. are found in this category.
Places to visit in Nepal
There are numerous exciting places to see in Nepal. Due to its rich cultural diversity, art and architecture have flourished in various places in different ways. These wonderful arts and architectures of the ancient times which remain as cultural heritages nowadays are worth seeing.
Travel Agencies in Nepal
Listing of the best travel agencies and tour operators of Nepal is given here. Browse through the listing and find out what each of them has got to offer you.
General Information of Nepal
Also known as "The Land of the Himalayas", Nepal is the home of the world's highest mountains, with a strong historic tradition having population of more than 18 million people of different religion and Culture. Eight of the ten highest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest (8,848 m/29,035 ft), are located either wholly or partially in Nepal.
Hotels and Resorts in Nepal
The most comprehensive list of the best and most fantastic hotels and resorts in Nepal is given in this category. Browse through these pages and find out the hotel which suits your needs.
Festivals of Nepal
Without foreign influence, various kinds of indigenous cultures and traditions have developed in Nepal. These native cultures have given rise to different kinds of festivals in different areas of Nepal.
Customs and Traditions of Nepal
Namaste is the traditional greeting in Nepal. The way Nepalese socialize with each other, their style of marriage and family settlement and their way of eating and recreating is completely unique. Know more about Nepalese customs and traditions in this category.
World Heritage Sites in Nepal
Of the many historical sites in Nepal ten are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Among the eight Cultural Heritage Sites, seven are in Kathmandu Valley, whereas the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini, is the only Cultural Heritage Site outside the Valley. Sagarmatha National Park and Chitwan National Park have been listed as Natural Heritage Sites.
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To enhance visitor experience, we have opened a new section, Exotic-Nepal.Com Directory. Here you can find links to hundreds of sites related to traveling in Nepal. Links to Tour Operators, Nepal Travel Web logs, Hotels, Resorts etc.  can be found here.
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