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Nepal Timeshares

Explore Nepal Every Year with a Timeshares

Nepal is a nation shrouded in mystery, but beneath that cloak of exoticism there is a certain vibrancy that defies description. Ancient monuments, Buddhist temples and intricate architecture belie an air of seriousness, but the welcoming culture, warm communities and beautiful natural surroundings of this eastern nation provide the perfect complement to draw vacationers year after year. Many vacationers to Nepal are so enchanted by the many sides of this ancient civilization that they have found timeshare for sale in their favorite region so that they may return again and again.

Timeshares tend to be more convenient and economical than paying for a hotel or motel room with each visit because they allow individuals to share

the cost of a vacation property between several owners. As tourism in Nepal continues to develop, the cost for temporary accommodations will continue to rise. Vacation properties, on the other hand, allow owners to purchase a property at one rate that they can comfortably budget for and confidently return to on an annual or biennial basis.

One of the things that makes Nepal so unique is the variety of landscapes. The northern Mountain Region of the country, situated in the heart of the Great Himalayan Range, offers vacationers unparalleled climbing opportunities. The world's highest mountain, Everest, is located in this region as well as seven other of the world's ten highest mountains. In sharp contrast, the southern part of the country, or the Plains, are hot, humid and decidedly flat. Many vacationers to the country would like to experience more than just one region, and have decided to use a timeshare to aid them in exploring the nation.

Contrary to popular belief, a vacation property won't tie you down to one location. With an RCI timeshare, or membership with a vacation club, you can use your timeshare in, Katmandu, for example, to secure accommodation at other affiliated resorts in Nepal. These properties are extremely flexible and exchange companies like RCI and Interval International, coupled with vacation clubs like Marriott, Hilton and Wyndham timeshare, make it possible for owners of one property to trade their time for properties all over the country, and beyond!

Finally, if you are interested in exploring Nepal but aren't ready or able to purchase a vacation property, consider a timeshare rental from a current owner. Because they pay reduced rates due to their shared ownership, owners will oftentimes offer their property for a rent simply as a way to set off their maintenance fees. As such, resale renters can often save hundreds. Whether you're looking to buy, or just want to rent, explore Nepal with a timeshare.

Note: The above article has been contributed to Exotic-Nepal.Com by travel writer Trina Bellardi

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